Thursday, January 23, 2014

Grandma's Photo Album - Page 36 - Snyders and Broyhills in Wilkes County, NC

This page has photos of family and friends in the early 1950s.  All of the people pictured were born and lived in Wilkes County at least until the mid-1950's, so I think these photos were taken there.

(Top left)  My grandparents, Wiley Thomas Snyder (1892-1988) and Nora Bessie McNeil (1900-1992).

(Top right) Bette (living)

(Bottom left) Bette (living), Eula Mae Vannoy Sharpe (1920-1993) who was my grandmother's niece, Mozelle (living)

(Bottom right) The Louis Broyhill family on a picnic.  Left to right:  Myrtle (living), Mary Louise (living), Wanda Barnett Broyhill (1920-2010) and Louis Elmer Broyhill (1918-1999).

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