Thursday, January 29, 2015

Grandma's Photo Album Page 72 - Snyders in Winston-Salem and Gloucester

(Left) My grandfather's brother, Russell Jess Snyder (1896-1984) and his bride, Sallie Scott (1900-1970).   This photo was possibly taken on their wedding day.  They were married in Winston-Salem on Christmas Eve in 1919.  They had four children.  Jess was a carpenter and house contractor.  They were married 50 years.

(Right)  A photo of my uncle and some of his sailor buddies in front of the Gloucester sailing memorial.  Uncle Jimmy is on the right.  He was James Neil Snyder (1922-1993).  He joined the Coast Guard in 1939 and was discharged in 1946.  He married a wonderful woman, Kay, and they lived in Gloucester.  He worked as a tugboat engineer in New York harbor - seven days on, seven days off.  He picked up the Gloucester accent so well that you would never know he was born and raised in North Carolina!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Grandma's Photo Album Page 71 - Snyders and Broyhills in Wilkes County

(Top)  Walking along the Blue Ridge Parkway (I think).  The four ladies are, left to right:
  • Mozelle (living)
  • Wanda Barnett Broyhill (1920-2010), a neighbor
  • One of the Broyhill girls
  • Bette (living)

The four daughters of Louis and Wanda Broyhill are pictured in

Louis and Wanda Broyhill with their two oldest daughters are pictured at

My grandparents' homeplace in Wilkes County, N.C. is visible from the Blue Ridge Parkway, which cuts across the western part of Wilkes.  At night on their front porch, we could see the headlights of cars on the Parkway.

(Bottom) A visit from Uncle Jim and Aunt Kay.  Left to right:
  • Ralph Lewis Snyder (1932-1996)
  • Kay (living)
  • Carrie Mae Snyder (1926-2001)

I believe the car belonged to Uncle Jim (James Neil Snyder, 1922-1993).

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Grandma's Photo Album Page 70 - MacLeans in Mass. and Snyders in N.C.

(Top left) MacLean family in Gloucester, Mass. The woman on the right is Florence Ann "Flora" Gillis MacLean (abt 1891-1951).  The man on the left is one of her sons -- John, Archie, Ralph, Maurice, or Stanley.  The child is likely her granddaughter. My uncle Jimmy married a MacLean daughter, Kay.

(Bottom left)  Kay is 2nd from left, with Mozelle, Nora, and Bette.  Kay, Mozelle, and Bette are living.  Nora Bessie McNeil Snyder (1900-1992) was my grandmother.  This photo was taken on my grandparents' farm near Millers Creek in Wilkes County, N.C.  I recognize the top of the barn at the back.  I guess my uncle Jimmy drove this car from Massachusetts where he lived to N.C. since my grandparents' didn't have a car.

(Bottom right) My grandparents, Nora and Wiley Thomas "Tom" Snyder (1892-1988) and their son James Neil "Jimmy" Snyder (1922-1993).  Jimmy was in the Coast Guard from 1939 to 1946, so I guess the photos on this page were taken before he was discharged.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Photo of Jarvis sisters Eva Jarvis McNeil and Lodemie Jarvis Gilreath in Wilkes County, NC

Left: Clara Eva Hettie Ellen Jarvis McNeil (1873-1959)  (my great-grandmother)
Right: her sister, Lodemie Lucinda Sara Elizabeth Jarvis Gilreath (1866-1945)

They were the daughters of Richard Franklin Jarvis (1845-1943) and Martha Ann Pardue (1845-1934) of Wilkes County, N.C.  Eva lived in Wilkes, but Lodemie moved to Alexander County, N.C.

Ed Slane has a nice website for the Jarvis family.  His section on Lodemie includes a document she wrote about her ancestors - very interesting - I love family stories!  Ed's web site is