Thursday, March 27, 2014

Grandma’s Photo Album Page 41 - Paper House, Snyders and Broyhills in Wilkes County

(Top left) The paper piano at The Paper House in Rockport, Massachussets.  I believe my uncle Jim sent this postcard, since he lived in Gloucester and Rockport is nearby.  The Paper House is still a tourist attraction - see this web site:

(Top right) Uncle Jim (James Neil Snyder, 1922-1993) and his wife Kay (living).  I believe this photo was taking in the front yard of my grandparents' farm house on Pleasant Home church road, Millers Creek, Wilkes County, NC.

(Bottom left) This woman was a friend of my Uncle Ralph (Ralph Lewis Snyder, 1932-1996).  He brought her to meet his parents, but we don't know her name.

(Bottom right)  The four oldest daughters of Wanda Barnett Broyhill (1920-2010) and Louis Elmer Broyhill (1918-1999). All these girls are living, so I'll just give their first names (left to right):  Myrtle, Mary Louise, Adrian, and Vicky. 

I remember playing with Vicky when I spent a week each summer at my grandparents, attending Vacation Bible School.  Bible school was only in the mornings, so I had lots of free time every afternoon.  I would sometimes go over to Vicky's family farm and we'd play for a while, but she had chores to do.  One time, we were walking along, and came upon an old neighbor lady on her front porch.  She was plucking a chicken, and asked me to hold it while she went to fetch more hot water.  As a city girl, I found that very yucky!

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