Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Grandma's Photo Album Page 54 - Snyders and a McNeil in Wilkes County

Note: top left photo was missing in 1981.

(Top center) Mozelle (living)

(Top right) Uncle Jimmy.  James Neil Snyder (1922-1993) was called "Neil" by his parents.  He is standing in their front yard in Millers Creek, Wilkes County, N.C.  He left home at age 17 to join the Coast Guard and he only came back for brief visits after that.  After his honorable discharge from the Coast Guard, he worked in New York City on tugboats in the harbor.  He lived in Gloucester, Mass., with his wife Kay.

(Lower left) My mother, Carrie Snyder (1926-2001), in her nursing uniform.  She went to Grace Hospital School of Nursing in Morganton, N.C., about 1944-1946. 

(Lower center) Uncle Jimmy.

(Lower right) The grandmother of all the people on this page:  Clara Eva Hettie Ellen Jarvis McNeil (1873-1959), called Eva.  My mother knew her well, and adored her -- wonderful sense of humor, excellent rifle shot, red auburn curly hair.  Eva knitted and crocheted, and made the shawl she is wearing, which is two-sided, for extra warmth and to have 2 colors.  She made them for all 6 of her daughters as well.

Another granddaughter (Dorothy) knew her well:
  • Eva only had 2 photos on her wall:  Jesus and FDR.  
  • She was a staunch Democrat.  
  • She hated Abe Lincoln (possibly because her father was wounded in the Civil War). She called Abe a "dirty old man".
On her deathbed, she overheard her daughters planning who would stay with her.  Eva said that there was no need for anyone to stay with her all night. "If the Lord comes to get me, we will not need anyone.  If the devil comes, I don't want anyone to know about it."

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