Sunday, September 14, 2014

Grandma's Photo Album Page 61 - Wilkes County Family

(Top left) My mother's first cousin, Cat Steelman (1928-2005).  She was born Mildred Catherine Vannoy in Wilkes County to William Raynor Vannoy (1898-1947) and my grandmother's sister Lacy Florence McNeil Vannoy (1902-1990).

Cat went to Appalachian State (back then, it was a teacher's college; now it's a university), then got a Master's degree in education from UNC-Chapel Hill.  She was my biology teacher at R.J. Reynolds' High School in Winston-Salem.  She was an excellent teacher.

(Top right)  I believe this is a 1950's birthday party for my great-grandmother, Clara Eva Hettie Ellen Jarvis McNeil (1873-1959). She is seated in the wheelchair at left.  Her birthday was April 6. 

I think the 2 little boys next to her are two of her great-grandsons, blond Larry Call (living) and the dark haired boy is Joe Church Jr. (1951-2003).

Larry's mother, Bette (living), is at the far right, standing behind her mother, Ila Margaret McNeil Vannoy (1898-1983).   So that's 4 generations - Eva, Ila, Bette, Larry.

My grandparents are at the back right; they both are wearing glasses that look frosted over due to the glare.  I don't see any of their children.

(Bottom left) Despite the Groucho Marx disguise, I'm pretty sure this is my uncle, Ralph Lewis Snyder (1932-1996).   Ralph had a great sense of humor.  He was known as a "cut-up".

(Bottom right) My grandparents:  Wiley Thomas Snyder (1892-1988) and Nora Bessie McNeil Snyder (1900-1992) in the front yard of their farm house on Pleasant Home Church Road in Millers Creek, Wilkes County, N.C.

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