Saturday, April 4, 2015

Grandma's Photo Album Page 79 - Vannoy and Snyder? in Wilkes County, N.C.

This page is in the part of the album that my grandmother didn't tell me about.  I should have sat down with her another day to get the rest of the names, but it's too late now!

(Left) This child is possibly my grandmother's niece, Mildred Catherine Vannoy Steelman (1928-2005).  She was called "Cat" and was a biology teacher at R.J. Reynolds' High School in Winston-Salem, N.C., for many years.  In fact, she was my biology teacher one year!  I never mentioned it to my friends, and since her last name was different, who would know?  She was an excellent teacher and very fair (no preferential treatment for me!).  Actually, I had a couple of teachers over the years who were relatives.  My first grade teacher, Mrs. Sloan, was a cousin on my father's side.  I guess that's pretty common really.

Cat's mother was Lacy Florence McNeil (1902-1998), my grandmother's sister.  Cat's dad was William Raynor Vannoy (1898-1947).  Cat was briefly married to a Mr. Steelman.  I never met him or knew anything about him.  She never had any children.

Cat lived with her mother in Winston-Salem.  Cat's mother rented out rooms and also worked as a clerk in various stores, including a dry cleaners.  My mother rented a room there in the early 1950's, and that's how my parents met.  My father was dating Cat, and he met my mother through her.  I don't know how Cat felt about that!  I don't recall seeing Cat while my father was alive, but after he died, I remember Cat coming to our house, we all went out to dinner, etc.  She and my mother kept in touch until my mother's death.

(Right)  Unknown man.  I showed this photo at a family reunion, and several people commented that he looks like a Snyder, but no one knew which one.  So I guess he's somehow a descendant of our oldest known ancestor, Peter Snider (born about 1750 in what's now Germany; died about 1809 in Carter County, Tenn.).  The Snyder features are a long face, high cheekbones, and a tall, thin frame.

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