Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Grandma's Photo Album Page 83 - Will Snyder Family in Winston-Salem about 1922

This is the Will Snyder family.  Based on the children's ages, I believe these photos were taken about 1922, probably in a photographer's studio in Winston-Salem, where they lived.

Will was my grandfather's brother.  William Eugene Snyder (1890-1969) married Myrtle Stewart (1897-1972) in Winston-Salem in 1913.  They had three children.  The two oldest are in these pictures.
  • The boy is William Eugene Snyder Jr (1917-1991).
  • The girl is Ruth Mae Snyder (1920-1995).
Uncle Will was an engineer with R. J. Reynolds' Tobacco Company for 40 years (1919-1969).  He was also a Primitive Baptist preacher.

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