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Courting Miss Nora - April 25, 1918 "I like army life very well so far if they wasn’t any war."

Tom writes again from Camp Jackson.  On his latest furlough, he AGAIN didn't see Nora.
Well, we know how the story ends (they marry in April 1919).

                             April 25-18

Hello! Miss McNeill.
             I was so glad to hear from you again.  I just thought that you had forsaken me but altho I found out better. Ha.  I was sorry that I didn’t come down to see you when I was up but when I come up again I will make it all up.  I am going to come up the fourth of July if I can get off and guess I can. To be sure I would like to join with you all on your trip.  Wish I could have been there.  I know I could have enjoyed myself fine.  I always have wanted to go with you, & when you come out at P.H. church [Pleasant Home Baptist Church] I thought that you was the best looking girl I ever saw in life.

[April 25, 1918 - page 2]

and I didn’t think then that you would go with a boy or I would have gone with you if I could.  Ha.  I certainly do hope the time will come when I can go with you ever Sunday. I have got a new house and lot in Winston-Salem, but I had to go off and leave it. But if I ever get back in civilian life I am going to get married and live right the rest of my life and now do you believe me at all.  “Ha.  If I can get anyone to have me and I hope that will be soon and I think it will with the prospects now. Don’t you hope that this war will soon come to an end. Soon or later I will be out of this old army.  I like army life very well so far if they wasn’t any war.

[April 25, 1918 - page 3]

Listen we had a old time party hear in the camp and I and two other boys out of our Co. made music for them to play by and believe me we sure did have a nice time. They was bout fifty girls and was a one as good looking as you are. "Ha" When I am far away from you somewhere in France I ask that you always think of me and pray that I have a chance.  To leave home was hard the hardest thing of all but I am no slacker when I hear my country’s call. To be at home with my friends is happiness that is true but I cannot see the enemy down the read white and blue. Ha. Some day in the near future

[April 25, 1918 - page 4]

this great conflict will end and the soldier boy who likes you will come back to you again.  It is the duty of ever girl who is left behind to remember always the boy she loves who is on the firing line. Do not respect a slacker.  They deserve not even a chance. The boy whom you should honor are the boys who go to France.  I did not want to leave home for I am goin’ to risk my life.  I am a true American and uphold the Stars and Stripes. Will close as I am in a hurry. I could sit here and talk to you until day and then could have something new to tell you but I have got to ans. some more letter. But rather write to you than any of the girls.  So be real good. Ans. soon. I am with very best wishes your true  W.T.S.

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