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Courting Miss Nora - May 22, 1918, Camp Sevier, S.C.

Tom's company moved from Camp Jackson, near Columbia, to Camp Sevier, near Greenville, S.C.  His brother John's company went to Europe earlier in May.

May 22-18.

Dear Nora.

Guess you think I am not going to ans. your letter, but you know we have been moving to Camp Siver and believe me, it’s a job too, but we got here all ok and I like the place fine so far but don't know yet how I will like the camp. Lots of difference in this place and C. Jackson. Jackson is the best fixed camp, I think, but you know we are living in little tents up here and I like them fine.  It’s cool in them (over)


My address is the same only you put Greenville S.C.

[May 22, 1918 - page 2]

but don’t guess we will stay here long and we might stay here all the summer.  We can’t tell one mo. where we will land at the next in the Army.  Order changes so quick.  I wonder what you are doing for yourself these hot days?  It awfully how hot it is down here now and guess you all are having some real hot weather up there long now.  I am working hard to get the co. straightened out but we are getting along all right now.  I worked all day last Sunday and 

 [May 22, 1918 - page 3]

Sunday before and I don’t like that neither but we can’t help ourselves or we wouldn’t do it.  ever thing worked too.  It’s because we had to move.  They wanted us to get ready just as quick as we could and I had to help make four thousands boxes to pack up in.  Say have you all worked in your corn yet.  Guess you have been working very hard this long week.  Wish I was up there with you.  I could enjoy myself one more time in life.

[May 22, 1918 - page 4]

I hope the day will soon roll around when I can spend some of my hours with you and I would like to spend them with you all the time. ha ha! And hope the day will soon come when I can.  It would suit me very much indeed.  I think this war will soon wind up shop so any way don’t you, Nora.  And then we poor boys can come home with glad tidings to our people.  You know I have been lucky not to cross  over before now don’t you think so.    (over)

[May 22, 1918 - page 5]

Guess John has gone over.  I haven’t heard anything from him in over 5 or 6 weeks and I don't know where he is.  I hope the poor boy will come back safe in the wind up.  Tell your sister I said a big hello!  to her.  Sister they is six large theaters and a very good little town in this camp and believe me I am taking them in too.  They have good shows on ever night and day.  And we are not but four miles from the city.  We can have a big old time down here.  Wish you was here tonight.  We would go to the show.  Please pardon me for not ans. your letter sooner.  I have been so busy.  I didn’t write no one at all.  I must close and drop a few lines home and to my other friends.  Be a real good girl.  Listen I rec’d your flours and was real glad to the pleasure of receiving them.  They was just beautiful and I kept them long time.  Ans real soon and don’t do like I did wait mo. Ha.  I am with very best wishes your true friend
                   Mech. W. T. Snider

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