Thursday, April 11, 2013

Grandma's Photo Album - Page 2 - Millers Creek homeplace and Winston-Salem grave of two children

Grandma's Photo Album - Page 2
Left photo is W.T. and Nora Snyder's farmhouse in the Millers Creek community, Wilkes County, N.C.  W.T. and Nora bought this farmhouse, along with 86 acres of land, on April 28, 1925, from Mrs. & Mrs. A.A. Bumgarner.(1)  The house was later painted white.

Center photo is Nora and one of her children.  I can't tell if this is Neil (1922-1993) or Carrie (1926-2001).  This photo was taken on their farm in Millers Creek -- I recognize the barn at the back left.

Right photo is Nora with her son Neil about 1923.  They are standing at the grave monuement of W.T. and Nora's first child, Wiley Thomas Snyder, Jr.  Wiley Jr. was born on January 19, 1921 when the family lived in Winston-Salem.  He died at only six and a half weeks old (March 6, 1921).  He was "found dead in bed."(2)  Nora mourned his loss the rest of her life, but kept going.  They erected a nice monument to Wiley Jr., in the Waughtown Cemetery in Winston-Salem, and I have several photos of the family visiting the grave.

(1) Wilkes County, North Carolina, deeds 1925-1927, 141: 63, A.A. Bumgarner and wife to W.T. Snyder and wife, 28 Apr 1925; microfilm C.104.40070.
(2) Forsyth County, North Carolina, death certificate no. 142 (1921), Wiley T. Snyder, Jr; digital image, Operations, Inc., "North Carolina Death Certificates 1909 - 1975," ( : accessed 01 Feb 2012).

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