Friday, September 20, 2013

Grandma's Photo Album - Page 23 - Lacy, Ed, Toyce, and Genie McNeil, and Nick Snyder

(Left) Siblings Lacy and Ed McNeil:  Lacy Florence McNeil (1902-1990) and Edward McNeil (1916-1963).  Ed was the youngest child of George Thomas McNeil (1870-1930) and Clara Eva Hettie Ellen Jarvis McNeil (1873-1959). 

I can't tell who the woman in the background is, or where this photo was taken.

(Center) Nicholas Grindstaff Snyder (1863-1944).  I believe this photo was taken on the day of his wife's funeral in 1933.  This gravestone lookes like the gravestone of his parents:
  • Noah Snyder (1826-1915)
  • Sallie Stout Snyder (1827-1909)
This gravestone is in the cemetery at Reddies River Baptist Church, near Wilbar, in Wilkes County, N.C.

(Right) Sisters Toyce and Genie, daughters of G. Thomas and Clara Eva McNeil.  Toyce Etta McNeil (1905-1969) was their 4th child.  Genie's full name was Mary Lougenie McNeil (1908-1966).  Genie was a twin of Demie.

Nick's wife was Louise Jane Whittington Snyder (1863-1933).  Her funeral was on August 25, 1933.
Other photos of him on that day are on pages 13, 14, 16, and 17.

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