Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Grandma's Photo Album - Page 28 - Steelman, McNeil, and other School Photos in Wilkes County, N.C.

School photos.  All of these children were raised in Wilkes County, N.C.  The photos were taken in the 1920s, 1930s, and early 1940s.  Top row, left to right:

Mildred Catherine Vannoy Steelman (1928-2005).  Called Cat or Catherine, she was the only child of William Raynor Vannoy and my grandmother's sister Lacy Florence McNeil Vannoy.  Cat was a biology teacher at R.J. Reynolds High School in Winston-Salem, and she was my teacher!  Neither she nor I ever said anything.  She was a really good teacher.

Edward McNeil (1916-1963).  Ed was the youngest brother of my grandmother. Ed had a wonderful sense of humor and most photos show him smiling.

James Neil Snyder (1922-1993).  Called Jimmy or Neil, he was the oldest surviving son of my grandparents, Wiley Thomas Snyder and Nora Bessie McNeil Snyder.  They had two sons who died as infants -- one older that Jimmy and one younger, so Jimmy was very much appreciated by his parents.  He joined the U.S. Coast Guard at the outbreak of WWII and made a career of it.  He married a woman who lived in Gloucester (Aunt Kay) and had a Gloucester accent.  You'd never know he was raised in the South!

The remaining people are living (Mozelle and Bette).

The blank spaces were blank in 1981 when I wrote down my grandmother's information.

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