Saturday, November 30, 2013

Grandma's Photo Album Page 29 - McNeils, Snyders, and more in Wilkes County

This page has lots of small pictures!  There is a free spot in the middle that does not appear to have ever had a photo on it (it didn't in 1981 when I sat down with my grandmother and noted all the names.)

Left to right on each row:
Top row (7 pictures):
  1. John Richard Lawrence McNeil (1911-1974).  He was my grandmother's brother.  He moved to California around the time of World War II and lived in the San Francisco area until his death. 
  2. Donald Vance Snyder (1903-1986), my grandfather's brother, with his daughter Clara Louise Snyder Church (1930-1998).
  3. Ila Margaret McNeil Vannoy (1898-1983), my grandmother's oldest sister.
  4. Wiley Thomas Snyder (1892-1988), my grandfather.
  5. Unknown man.
  6. Nell McNeil Dimmette (1877-1966), daughter of Rev. Milton McNeil.
  7. Henry Paul Sebastian (1909-1987), my grandmother's brother-in-law (he married Mary Lougenie "Genie" McNeil).
Row 2:
  1. The baby in the wicker chair is Ruth Mae Snyder Tomlinson (1920-1995), niece of my grandparents.
  2. Possibly this is Jess Snyder, my grandfather's brother.  His full name was Russell Jess Snyder (1896-1984)
  3. Isaac Ransom Vannoy (1894-1979), who married my grandmother's sister Ila McNeil.
  4. Lacy Florence McNeil Vannoy (1902-1990), my grandmother's sister.
  5. Lacy's husband, William Raynor "Bill" Vannoy (1898-1947).
Row 3:
  1. The handsome young man wearing a suit with a large ribbon pinned to his lapel is Henry Daniel Jarvis (1884-1952), my grandmother's uncle, who lived in Utah and California.  He never married.
  2. Mary Lougenie "Genie" McNeil Sebastian (1908-1966), my grandmother's sister.
  3. Lacy again.
Row 4:
  1. The lady in the photo which was cut so that only she is showing -- that's Sally Scott Snyder (1900-1970), wife of Jess Snyder, my grandfather's brother.
  2. Tom (my grandfather) and an unknown man.
  3. Unknown man.
  4. Unknown baby.  This looks like the same wicker chair that Ruth is in (row 2).
  5. An unknown man with Jess Snyder, my grandfather's brother.
  6. Paul Sebastian again.
  7. Edward McNeil (1916-1963), my grandmother's youngest brother.
Row 5:
  1. Tom Snyder, my grandfather, in what appears to be a dual studio portrait.
  2. Roby Brown Snyder (1887-1980), my grandfather's oldest brother.
  3. Don Snyder again.
  4. Toyce Etta McNeil Snyder (1905-1969), my grandmother's sister.
  5. Aunt Alice, who is Mary Alice McNeil Bumgarner (1871-1949), my grandmother's aunt.

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