Thursday, January 26, 2017

Courting Miss Nora - March 28, 1919 - Wedding Plans!

Tom is now back at his home on Devonshire Street in Winston-Salem.  He is very excited about his upcoming wedding.  Tom mentions:

  • Nora’s father, George Thomas McNeil, was sickly but survived until 1930. 
  • Jess was one of Tom’s younger brothers.
  • Nora’s maternal grandfather, Rev. Richard Franklin Jarvis, would conduct the service.   
  • Mr. Fisher rented Tom’s house in Winston-Salem while Tom was in the Army. 
  • Tom’s brother Will and his wife Myrtle lived right next door. 
  • The job Tom would return to was at R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in Winston-Salem.

[Friday] March 28, 1919
#719 Devonshire St, Winston-Salem, N.C.

Dear Miss McNiell,

I safely landed ok but I am not satisfied without you. Certainly do hope you are well and all.  The rest of your people hope your father is better by now.  I was over town today and picked out our stuff and will get it now or wait until you come either way.  I much rather you would see it first before we get it.  Anyway you say suits me you know. Did Jess give you your ring?  I hope he did. You wear it every day

[p. 2]
for it is solid gold. Now you be sure and let your Grandpaw know what time to come over to marry us and don't you fix up no large amount for dinner unless you want to for it is too much trouble. Listen, I've got more stamps than I knew and I am going to send you some and don't think hard of me. I've already told Mr. Fisher to move out of our house. He did hate to get out so bad I felt sorry for them but we have got to have it.  So happy will we be.  No one can tell my two bands now that we have on hand would now cost $100.00 dollars.

[p. 3]
Myrtle and Will is so glad I am going to get married. Don't be uneasy about me going with the girls down here for I won't go with any one [of] them for I think too much of you to do that and  besides all of my love is for you and all ways will be and no one else.   I am going to work Monday at 38 an hour at my same job I left behind go to France. I don't know how I am going to stay down here until Easter without you but I will tough it out some way maybe. Ha"  I will put in one of them pictures but they are not good ones.

[p. 4]
Are we going to stick to what we said about writing such long letters.  That will just suit me for I am no and to write letters anyway, long ones specially. I couldn't get my letter off in time for you to get it Sat. [I] don't think, for I don't know how the mail is running.  Now [I] hope you will get this one Sat. morn.  You ought to so if you go to the box supper think of me. So I will stop this time.  Hoping to hear from you soon. Remember the 16th day of April and write me soon as you can.
Your loving,
W.T. Snyder

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