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Tom and Nora's Wedding - April 16, 1919

Here is the newspaper article about their wedding, followed by the photo taken on their wedding day.

[Wedding announcement in the Hustler newspaper in North Wilkesboro, April 18, 1919, page 1, column 2]


A beautiful home wedding was solemnized at the home of the bride's father, Mr. G. T. McNeil, April 16th, 1919.  Miss Nora McNeil became the bride of Mr. W. T. Snider, son of Mr. and Mrs. N. G. Snyder of Millers Creek, one of Winston's mechanics just returned from France, of the 81st Division.  The bride is one of Millers Creek's most beautiful and esteemed young ladies.

Among those present were Rev. and Mrs. R. F. Jarvis, of Adley, Mr. and Mrs I. R. Vannoy, of Wilbar, Messrs. J. B. and Jess Snyder, brothers of the groom.  After the ceremony by Rev. R. F. Jarvis they were ushered into the dining room where a most luxurious dinner was served.

The young couple left by auto for Wilkesboro to leave on the two-thirty train for his beautiful new home in Winston-Salem.

Showers of good wishes from their friends of Millers Creek.

One Present

Nora sewed her dress by hand.  Her maternal grandfather, Rev. Richard Franklin Jarvis, conducted the service at his home in Wilkes County.  I'm sure his wife, Nora's grandmother, Martha Ann Pardue Jarvis, was there too.  Other people mentioned in the article:
  • G.T. McNeil was George Thomas McNeil, Nora's father.  I'm sure his wife, Nora's mother, Clara Eva Hettie Ellen Jarvis McNeil attended too!
  • Mr. and Mrs. N.G. Snyder were Nicholas Grindstaff Snyder and his wife, Louise Jane Whittington Snyder..
  • Mr. and Mrs. I.R. Vannoy were Isaac Ransom Vannoy and his wife, Ila Margaret McNeil Vannoy, his wife (Nora's oldest sister).
  • Mr. J.B. Snyder was John B. Snyder, Tom's brother, who had just been discharged from the Army after serving in France.
  • Mr. Jess Snyder was Tom's younger brother (too young to serve in the Army).

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